Hello.  I'm just  having fun testing the capabilities of Microsof Arcade.MakeCode game engine. I followed the "Wonder Woman 84" tutorial instructions and this is a mini-game based in it. 

As I said before   I followed the tutorial and took my respective notes and after all of    it I started to make   a simple  prototype. It was done by me under a 15 minutes time frame (including all the assets done by me too)- which is super fast ! I think this a very nice exercise that can be done in a classroom for a group of kids around 9-12 years old without any problem.

I enjoyed a lot the easy to use and friendly interface of Arcade.MakeCode and    I'm going to explore the features of the game engine and see If I can do bigger maps and complex mechanics. 

So far is a really cool tool for game maker enthusiasts and an absolutely amazing educational resource for people of all ages!

Thanks a lot to the people who did that amazing tutorial and to the community and dev team of Arcade.MakeCode!

NOTE #1: I used the "Publishing Games" docs of Arcade.MakeCode to learn how to publish a game into ITCH.IO

I did the following:

HTML Embed

Embedding the game in itch.io is a little more complex, but will allow folks to play your game on the itch.io page directly! In the MakeCode Arcade editor, click ‘Share’ in the top left, then ‘Publish Project’. At the bottom of the ‘Share Project’ dialog you will see a blue ‘> Embed’ link. Click on that link and select the ‘Simulator’ tab. Copy the generated embed code into a text file, and save it as [your game].html

In the itch.io ‘Create a new project’ page, select ‘HTML’ as the kind of project. Click the ‘Upload files’ button to upload your HTML file, and check ‘This file will be played in the browser’. Under ‘Embed Options’, we recommend:

  • Width 500 px x Height 580 px
  • Select the ‘Mobile friendly’, ‘Automatically start’, and ‘Fullscreen button’ checkboxes.

Fill in any additional details about your game, and hit publish!

NOTE #2: As you can see  above there are many specific steps, however there are important things that need to take into account and aren't included there. The HTML needs to be renamed to "index.html" or "index.zip" (if zipped) to be able to run into the ITCH.IO platform. And the Width 500px Height 500px cuts a part of the layout so I used 500x600 instead. That's it. All the process is very simple.


arcade-Crazy-Maze-Froggie-and-Snake-Edition.png 12 kB

Install instructions

No need to install. The game will run through  browser. You can download the source code file (PNG) and drag and drop it into the Arcade.MakeCode editor to customize and use it yourself. Feel free to do it. It's a very simple game based into the "Wonder Woman 84" tutorial. Have fun!

You can follow this link and use the SHOW CODE / EDIT CODE options to check and re-use the example.


Development log

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